5 Sabahans receives Medal of Commendation (Pingat Kepujian) from the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan

Singapore – On the 8th of November 2015, 5 Sabahan via ferrata trainers who works with Mountain Torq on Mt Kinabalu’s via ferrata received the Medal of Commendation from the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan together with 11 teachers and guides from the Tanjong Katong Primary school group. In the illustrious National Day Awards ceremony which was attended by the Prime Minister and Senior Minister of Singapore, members of the Singapore Parliament, they or their representatives went on stage at Singapore’s University Cultural Center auditorium to receive the medal.

The Sabahan recipients are :
Mr Hajiris bin Sulomin,
Mr Hilary Augustinus,
Mr James Maikol,
the last Mr Ricky Masirin and
the late Mr Valerian Joannes.

Before receiving the Medals, they along with the teachers and tour guides of the Tanjong Katong Primary School, were read a special citation. The citation was as follows:

These 16 individual were supervising and caring for the Tanjong Katong Primary School students on Mount Kinabalu when the Sabah earthquake struck on the morning of 5 June 2015. As a final measure of devotion to their duties, five of these individuals lost their lives. In the crisis situation the ensured, the 11 who survived conducted themselves commendably as a group in protecting and caring for their charges. Their actions under difficult circumstances exemplify the spirit of educators.